On the Road to a Hands-Free World

When we hear about distracted driving, it’s typically about texting with friends, searching for a song, scrolling Instagram. But for many frontline workers without proper tools, essential communication to dispatch is often its own form of distracted driving.

Truck drivers are 
more likely to crash when not
using a hands-free device

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Without a hands-free, eyes-free solution truck drivers have two options: pull over frequently to catch up on critical messages and updates or glance quickly at the phone while driving. It’s a lose-lose: too much time on the side of the road impacts revenue, customer expectations, and driving times, and a quick glance away can turn tragic.

How We're Distracted

Drivers without hands-free tools are often distracted in three different but preventable ways. 

DD - Manual (3)

Manual Distractions

Moving your hands off the wheel such as picking up your cell phone or eating a snack.

DD - Visual-2

Visual Distractions

Looking away from the road such as looking at your phone, looking at car display screens, or looking at another passenger.

DD - Cognitive-2

Cognitive Distractions

Thinking about something other than driving such as daydreaming or where the next rest stop is located.

accidents per year (3)
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accidents per year (2)

The Future of Driver Communication 

We developed Chat by Storyboard to keep drivers and dispatch connected with minimal manual and visual distractions. Now there's a hands-free, eyes-free driver assistant technology that runs in the background of driver devices allowing for real-time communication between on-the-road and operations teams.

More connected trips, faster arrivals, happier customers, and more revenue with Chat by Storyboard.


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