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Transforming Trucking with Chat by Storyboard

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we are proud to share their success stories. Explore these podcast episodes to hear firsthand accounts of how Chat by Storyboard transforms fleet operations and enhances team collaboration.


Using Audio for Truck Driver Communications 

Sarah Patterson,  Marketing Specialist at Stewart Transport

We sit down with Stewart Transport to chat about the advancing role of audio for communications. In addition to real-time updates, the audio format gives back precious time to drivers.

In this episode, Sarah Patterson, a marketing specialist at Stewart Transport shares:

  • How she replaced in-person, driver meetings
  • The response from her team
  • Advice for other organizations considering audio
Using Audio for Truck Driver Communications
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Grand Island - POPP


How Grand Island Express Launched a New Form of Communication

Kyle Weissen, Recruiter at Grand Island Express

Grand Island Express, a trucking carrier that operates throughout the U.S., launched Storyboard in 2021 to reach its employee base made up largely of drivers without access to email or video.

On this episode, Grand Island Express' Kyle Wiesen shares:

  • How they got their employees to embrace a new form of communication
  • The best content they've produced so far
  • The results they've seen since launching their channel
  • Why other companies should be using audio to reach their on-the-go workforces
How GI Express Launched a New Form of Communication

We believe in the power of audio to transform fleet communication. By adopting Storyboard, these companies have not only streamlined their operations but also created a more engaged workforce.

Join the growing number of companies that are leveraging the power of real-time audio updates to stay ahead in a fast-paced, on-the-go industry.

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Let’s drive your fleet communication forward, together.