We help dispatchers and drivers stay connected while on the road, without compromising safety standards.

Changing the way teams communicate

Storyboard Technology has been supporting employee communications since 2019 across a variety of industries - trucking companies, distribution, manufacturing, construction, and field services. 

Originally offering corporate podcasting solutions, Storyboard was founded at the onset of COVID, to address the need for innovative employee communications methods to combat Zoom fatigue.

With many of our customers providing leadership and general company updates, our first logistics company started to share monthly safety messages, finding it offered drivers an alternative to in-person meetings. 

As we grew our customer relationships, a recurring challenge appeared - a lack of solutions that allow frontline workers and drivers to communicate in a fully hands-free way that doesn’t distract from their day-to-day workflows.

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A tool designed with drivers in mind

Chat by Storyboard is the industry’s first hands-free, eyes-free driver assistant technology, enabling two-way communication between dispatchers and drivers.

We go beyond today’s TMS and ELD communications with a voice-activated app that runs in the background of a driver’s tablet or mobile phone - a few simple commands are all your driver needs to reach dispatch. Fewer accidents, better communication, more revenue.

100,000 people and 10,000 teams use Storyboard today.


Deep leadership experience in scaling enterprise organizations

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JP Gooderham

6+ years across product and customer experience
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12+ years building B2B platforms
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15+ years across sales, account management & operations
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10+ years in product management
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Employees driven by our purpose

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With Chat by Storyboard you can...

Enable communication between drivers and operations: Two-way voice messaging minimizes distractions and time spent pulling over.

Provide leadership visibility into driver/dispatcher communications: Channels maintain a record of conversations giving leadership insights into day-to-day operations.

Ensure critical messages are heard every time: Advanced analytics allow you to track who listened, when, and if they heard the whole message.

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Funded by some of the leading VC’s

Partners choose to work with Storyboard for its simplicity in recording audio and interactive features
that allow everyone to be part of the conversation.

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