Frontline communications, supercharged

Upgrade your frontline from walkie-talkies and phone calls to a mobile-first audio communication tool.

Chat by Storyboard enables you to communicate effortlessly with the benefit of AI and modern audio technology.

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Traditional communication methods are failing your frontline.

Companies lose $62.4 million each year on average due to miscommunications. And language barriers directly impact employees’ ability to collaborate, lower productivity, compromise workplace safety, and lower employee retention.
Voice messaging has a unique power to connect people in the field where traditional channels like email, in-person meetings, and video come up short.
Why is audio the right medium for frontline teams?
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Faster than writing

The average person speaks 3x faster than they write

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Clearer than text

Communicate tone and intention without misinterpretation

Break down language barriers

Chat by Storyboard’s transcription services support 57 languages and allow users to toggle between translations to 8 different languages or dialects.

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Hands-free control

Employees on the road or working in the field can now receive and respond to communications without putting their safety at risk or disrupting their work.

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