The Future of Fleet Communication

Life on the road is a series of unexpected encounters, detours, feisty weather patterns, and distracted drivers. That’s why we’ve developed Chat, the industry's first, hands-free, eyes-free driver assistant technology to enable two-way driver-to-dispatch communication.

Keep your teams on the road and connected, without compromising your safety standards.

100,000 people and 10,000 teams use Storyboard

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A Hands-Free Revolution

Chat is the solution to distracted driving—the leading cause of highway deaths. Hands-free communication with dispatch keeps eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, every single time.

World-Class Analytics 

Messages sometimes get lost for those on the go. That’s why Chat empowers dispatchers to measure when and how much of the most important messages are heard by frontline workers.  Our Listen Receipts provide peace of mind every time. 

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Next Level Translations 

As frontline teams grow more diverse, it’s never been more important to alleviate language barriers. With Chat, nothing ever gets lost in translation. We support audio-to-text transcriptions for 57 speaker languages and customize the list of languages for bi-directional translation depending on each customer's unique language and dialect needs.

Secure Messages, Every Time

Our AICPA-compliant security measures ensure that all messages are only read and heard by those approved by your team. Chat’s easy-to-use tools track messages and allow you to remove access at any point.

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focusing on message-1On the Road to a Hands-Free World

Life doesn’t stop when you’re on the road. Sometimes messages can’t wait, whether it’s a customer emergency, weather report, or critical dispatch updates. That’s why we developed Chat by Storyboard: to seamlessly deliver every message without pulling a driver’s eyes off the road. 


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