Voice messaging, supercharged.

Upgrade your frontline from walkie-talkies and phone calls to a mobile-first audio communication tool.

Chat by Storyboard enables you to communicate effortlessly with the benefit of AI and modern audio technology.

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One-way communication to frontline workers is failing.

Companies lose $62.4 million each year on average because of inadequate communication to and between employees.

Frontline teams are using Chat by Storyboard to:

⏰ Save time

Record shift or team updates that employees can listen to or read asynchronously.

📲 Improve operational efficiency

Create a dedicated channel for your project or team and be able to reference your message history.

🙋 Empower the frontline

Ask questions, seek feedback, and share learnings with their manager or small team.

Why is voice messaging the right tool for frontline teams?


Faster than writing

Record your update faster than writing it in an email or texting.


Clearer than text

Communicate tone and intention without misinterpretation.


Hands-free listening

Receive critical information without looking at a screen.

Getting started with Chat by Storyboard is simple!


Download the app

Chat by Storyboard is available on Android, iOS, and the web.


Create a team & send invites

Name your team around a topic, task, or location and invite employees with a link.


Start the conversation

Record a voice message that posts to the team, with transcription.

Speak to a product specialist