A Hands-Free Revolution

At Storyboard, we built Chat with truckers and dispatchers in mind. Managers and drivers can now communicate in real-time to alter routes, update arrival times, and prepare for unexpected conditions. All without lifting a finger or taking eyes off the road. 

Voice texts are faster and reduce miscommunications.

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Enterprises lose $62.4 million each year due to miscommunication.

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91% of workers reported having their digital messages misunderstood or
misinterpreted at work.

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The average person can speak 3x faster than they can write.

Less Distracted, Faster, and More Personal

When enabled, voice messages play automatically, as soon as they arrive in whatever app state. More time on the road, and easier access to crucial info that can prevent unnecessary delays. Less distracted drivers, faster arrivals, happier customers.

Bluetooth and Siri

Powered by Bluetooth

With Chat, hands-free mode is ALWAYS on so drivers, dispatchers, and managers can share updates and respond to messages without going off course. 

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On the Road to a Hands-Free World

Life doesn’t stop when you’re on the road. Sometimes messages can’t wait, whether it’s a customer emergency, weather report, or critical dispatch updates. That’s why we developed Chat by Storyboard: to seamlessly deliver every message without pulling a driver’s eyes off the road. 


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