A Hands-Free Revolution

At Storyboard, we built Chat with truckers and dispatchers in mind. Managers and drivers can now communicate in real-time to alter routes, update arrival times, and prepare for unexpected conditions. All without lifting a finger or taking eyes off the road. 

Communicate from anywhere, with real-time visibility

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Two-way communication between drivers and operations

Easy-to-use, interactive voice messaging minimizes distractions and time spent pulling over, resulting in fewer accidents and more revenue

Leader Visibility

Provide leadership visibility into communications

Channels maintain an audio record and transcription of all conversations giving leadership insights into day-to-day operations and challenges

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Ensure critical messages are heard every time

Whether your team schedules a message or sends it immediately you can track who listened, when, and if they heard the whole message

Less Distracted, Faster, and More Personal

When enabled Chat runs in the background of your device allowing voice messages to play automatically, as soon as they arrive in whatever app state. More time on the road, and easier access to crucial info that can prevent unnecessary delays. Less distracted drivers, faster arrivals, happier customers.


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Keep your drivers rolling 

Our Hands-Free Mode is simple and easy to use. Messages can be heard, recorded, and replayed with a few quick voice commands. In just a few minutes, your drivers will be set up and ready to seamlessly communicate with dispatch without have to pull over, take their hands off the wheel, or eyes off the road. See how easy it is to get started.


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