Empower your teams to communicate effortlessly
with AI-powered audio.

We start with audio.

Many frontline roles involve physical work and hands-on tasks, which can make it impractical to interact with video or text-based communications.

Chat by Storyboard improves the accessibility of your messages by reaching your team in their workflow—voice messages with transcription allow your employees to listen or read in the flow of their work.

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Bluetooth and SiriHands-Free Mode

Communicate safely, streamline operations, and increase revenue with a truly hands-free tool
for real-time fleet communication.


Break down language barriers.

Your employees communicate in many languages and dialects. Companies often spend millions each year in costly translation services.

Chat by Storyboard reduces misunderstandings by supporting transcription for 50+ languages and allowing users to toggle between translations to multiple different languages or dialects.

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Confirm who listened.

Some updates, such as safety briefings, require you to know with certainty which employees have received the information to ensure your business is compliant.

Listen receipts provide transparency into which team members have fully listened.

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Your content, accessible to all employees.

Save time and money by uploading pre-recorded content (ex. meeting recordings, podcasts) to Chat by Storyboard. We automatically transcribe and translate all within our platform.

Employees can consume on-the-go by listening or reading whenever it's convenient.

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