Storyboard Launches Hands-Free Mode To Enable Logistics Companies To Maximize Minutes On The Road

November 8, 2023

SANTA MONICA, CA - Storyboard, the leading audio communication provider for frontline teams, announced its logistics offering at the Future of Freight Festival. Companies no longer need to lose revenue for the wasted minutes drivers are using to pull over to check their emails or text messages and respond to dispatch. Chat by Storyboard allows dispatchers and operations teams to safely communicate with drivers hands-free across various languages. 

Beginning today, dispatchers can easily send follow-ups to at-risk deliveries. Drivers then receive a voice message directly to their device, and they can safely respond using Siri. Our industry-leading audio-first communication platform has four core pillars: Hands-Free Mode, Text-to-Speech Generative Audio, Audio-to-Audio Translations, and AI Voice Cloning.

“On average, when our drivers need to stop to respond to a dispatcher, this process takes them 20 minutes,” says VP of Operations at Grand Island Express Deen Albert. “The idea of having a system that replaces text messages/mobile comm messages and enables safe hands-free two-way communication between dispatchers and drivers is very appealing.”

“With Chat by Storyboard, dispatchers and operations managers can communicate safely with their drivers and in multiple languages instantly reducing time off the road while improving safety for all employees,” says Storyboard founder JP Gooderham. 

Since launching in 2019, Storyboard observed a lack of communication solutions for frontline teams to improve daily operations and modernize workflows.

“Chat by Storyboard aims to be the bridge between desk-based and on-the-road employees. We provide industry-leading hands-free technology and translation services powered by AI that improve the productivity and belonging of employees in many industries, from logistics to construction to hospitality,” explains Gooderham.

The Chat by Storyboard app is available on iOS, Android, and web. New users can immediately create channels to communicate with drivers, automate driver check-ins on the road, and share audio-based training content.


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