Storyboard Launches Voice Messages with AI-Powered Transcripts

June 19, 2023

SANTA MONICA, CA - Storyboard is announcing the launch of a new audio application that enables deskless and on-the-go teams to communicate through voice messaging. Chat by Storyboard, now available in the app store and at, provides frontline managers a communication tool that improves accountability, transparency and engagement for their teams by replacing text messages, voicemails, and emails with voice messages that receive an AI-powered text transcript.

“The average person can speak a message three times faster than they can write it,” says Storyboard founder JP Gooderham. “There are so many gains that teams get when they can use their voice to communicate. Many of the manual processes frontline industries continue to have can be digitized through audio. Today, Chat by Storyboard allows managers and teammates to send voice messages back and forth on a topic with AI powered transcription. And soon you can expect to see additional functionality that will digitize existing manual workflows across industries, from construction to hospitality to retail.”

Founded in 2019 and supporting over 5,000 organizations, Storyboard is a SaaS provider specializing in audio-first communications tools for frontline employees. Since launching, Storyboard observed a pressing need for a day-to-day frontline communication solution that improves operations by modernizing frontline workflows.

“Of our existing customers, we saw strong usage of audio communications with companies who have significant populations of frontline employees that are frequently on the road and not working at a desk,” says Gooderham. “Their managers struggle with reaching them through traditional channels like email. For this population, audio is extremely powerful, and Chat by Storyboard is our first step to creating a communication platform and digitizing manual workflows for the frontline.” 

Storyboard’s Head of Product, Nick DePrey commented, “Chat by Storyboard is voice messaging, supercharged. The application enables you to communicate with the benefits of AI and modern audio technology. It has a very simple press and hold recording action so that anyone can get started with sending messages from their phone. And the transcription technology enables your audience to listen or read messages they receive.”

The Chat by Storyboard app is available on iOS, Android, and web. New users can immediately create a team channel and share shift briefings, end of day notes, tasks and process updates with colleagues.


Storyboard Technology, Inc. is a software company based in Santa Monica, CA. Our solutions improve frontline operations, enable secure corporate communication, and support training opportunities for more than 5,000 organizations with limited access to traditional text, video, or in-person communications. More information can be found at