Storyboard Launches AI-Powered Translations to Break Down Language Barriers

August 7, 2023

SANTA MONICA, CA - Storyboard, the leading audio communication provider for frontline teams, announced that it will provide real-time AI-powered transcriptions and translations for over 50 languages in Chat by Storyboard. Most frontline companies have a diverse workforce that includes immigrants and non-English speakers and therefore spend millions on hiring paid professionals or paying for costly outsourced translation services to reach their employees who communicate in different languages or dialects. Despite these best efforts, a language barrier in the communications between the frontline manager and their employees continues to impact the bottom line.

The average company loses $62.4 million each year due to miscommunications. And language barriers directly impact employees’ ability to collaborate, lower productivity, compromise workplace safety, and lower employee retention. Companies need to create an inclusive environment for immigrants and non-English speakers where there is fair and equal language access to all communications to overcome these challenges.

Supported by the latest developments in generative AI, customers can now translate any voice message or uploaded files’ transcript in real time, with no added cost. Chat by Storyboard’s transcription services support 57 languages and allow users to toggle between translations to 8 different languages or dialects including English, Español (Spain), Español (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil), French (France), French (Canadian), Filipino, and Chinese (Traditional).

With Chat by Storyboard, frontline managers can communicate in multiple languages or dialects instantly improving accessibility for all employees. Now, you can provide clear direction around the actions required on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis: standard operating procedures, safety protocols, or HR policies. 

“Many companies have multilingual workforces and spend up to 2.5% of their annual revenue each year on translation,” says Storyboard founder JP Gooderham. “The high cost of translation means that companies can only prioritize corporate and executive communications, the tip of the iceberg. The long tail of day-to-day workflow communications between managers and employees are routinely excluded.”

Since launching in 2019, Storyboard observed a lack of communication solutions for frontline teams to improve daily operations and modernize workflows.“

Chat by Storyboard aims to be the critical connective tissue between frontline managers and employees where language barriers exist. We provide industry-leading translation services powered by AI language models that improve belonging and productivity of employees in many industries, from construction to hospitality to logistics,” explains Gooderham

The Chat by Storyboard app is available on iOS, Android, and web. New users can immediately create a team to share trainings, HR policies, shift start briefings, end-of-day notes, tasks, and process updates with their colleagues.


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