Less Distractions and Faster Journeys

With Chat by Storyboard, it’s never been easier to communicate with carrier dispatchers and the drivers moving your cargo. Send, receive, and listen to any messages at any time.

Fewer Stops

Hands-free and easy-to-access messaging increases a driver’s time on the road while delivering cargo to the destination with more efficiency.

HP - Hands Free
PP - Translations

No More Language Barriers

It’s now easier to hire more diverse teams with simple to use translation tools. Drivers and dispatchers can feel a deeper sense of connection and belonging when nothing’s lost in translation.

focusing on messageOn the Road to a Hands-Free World

Life doesn’t stop when you’re on the road. Sometimes messages can’t wait, whether it’s a customer emergency, weather report, or critical dispatch updates. That’s why we developed Chat by Storyboard: to seamlessly deliver every message without pulling a driver’s eyes off the road.

Community Management

It’s simple to record all messages with Chat by Storyboard. Administration efforts are minimal when new employees join or former employees leave, allowing easy control over who hears what, when.

Community Mgmt-1

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