Reduce safety issues and maximize minutes on the road.


Share safety information.

Instantly share important and timely safety updates with your fleet, whether it’s notifying them about the natural disasters that require rerouting or ensuring they receive your emergency alert.

Employees will receive the communications immediately over bluetooth without needing to pull over to the side of the road. With our Hands-Free Mode, your drivers can respond using voice messages, whether they have a follow-up question or need to send a response to dispatch.

And with Listen Receipts, you will have clear visibility to understand which members of your fleet listened to each update. 

HBluetooth and Siriands-Free Mode

Communicate safely, streamline operations, and increase revenue with a truly hands-free
for real-time fleet communication.


Maximize minutes on the road.

Companies no longer need to lose revenue for the wasted minutes drivers are using to pull over to check their emails or text messages and respond to dispatch.

Now, dispatchers can easily send follow-ups about at-risk deliveries. And with a truly hands-free fleet communications solution, drivers can safely respond without pulling over.

Why Audio Guide ImageSafer fleet communication: the case for using modern trucking technology to connect on-the-road teams

Put safety at the forefront without sacrificing trucker communication and shipment visibility. Read our guide to see how new trucking communication technology is replacing the need for drivers to pull over to communicate with dispatch.