Communicate From Anywhere

With Chat by Storyboard, your drivers can send and receive messages on the road with ease and less distraction. Less time pulled over and more time on the road means happier drivers and customers.

Better for the Bottom Line

Hands-free and easy to access messaging increases time on the road while delivering to the destination with efficiency. Cost savings result in higher revenue and more competitive driver compensation.

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Hands-Free and Eyes-Free

Chat by Storyboard removes distractions while keeping drivers in the know and on the road. With a few simple voice commands, drivers can hear, send, and reply to messages from dispatch. Fewer stops, fewer accidents, more time and cost saving.

No More Language Barriers

It’s now easier to hire more diverse teams with simple to use translation tools. Drivers and dispatchers can feel a deeper sense of connection and belonging when nothing’s lost in translation.

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World-Class Analytics

There’s no reason to guess who heard what with Chat by Storyboard’s industry-leading metrics. Safety updates, training sessions, and critical communications from dispatch reach drivers immediately, and it’s never been easier to incentive for attentive employees.

Third-Party Partners

Chat by Storyboard makes it simple to integrate to other critical tools like GPS. When bad weather or traffic strikes, the system can send automated, translated messages instantly.

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Community Management

It’s simple to record all messages with Chat by Storyboard. Administration efforts are minimal when new employees join or former employees leave, allowing easy control over who hears what, when.

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